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Matt Michaels  (Matt Mike’-Ulz)

Aren’t you a dirty Chicagoan? So you’ve heard about me! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but am a proud Mizzou grad.

Do you have a favorite Mizzou moment? You know I can’t pick just one… it’s a three-way tie between Armageddon at Arrowhead (Sod Reesing!), attending the 2013 SEC Championship Game, and Marcus Denmon’s comeback vs. kU in the final rivalry matchup at Mizzou Arena.

When not watching/covering sports, you are… Cooking, with occasional success. Golfing, with almost no success. Catching up with friends and family, to claim I am a success.

What sports figure would you most like to meet? I’d love to have a half-hour conversation with Henry Aaron about baseball, struggles, and life. 

Why do you hate my team? I don’t, actually! It’s a common misconception. (Note: does not apply to kU)

If you did not talk about sports for a living, you would… Be a cook? Culinary school has always been my secret backup plan. I’d maybe do something practical like be a mechanic, and shy away from the boring office jobs. 

Join Matt every afternoon on ESPN 100.5 and 103.1 KTGR as they about the biggest stories in sports. Your calls on the Cardinals, Royals, Rams, Chiefs, Blues and of course your Missouri Tigers.

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