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  1. The Mizzou Oscars

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    BK is hosting a Mizzou version of The Oscars tomorrow on The Sports Wire. The nominee process is complete, and now it’s up to you, the fans, to determine the winners. Without further ado, your 2015 Mizzou Oscar nominations.


    Best Picture Nominees:

    1) Mizzou vs. South Carolina

    2) Mizzou vs.Texas A&M

    3) Mizzou vs. Tennessee

    4) Mizzou vs. Arkansas

    5) Mizzou vs. Minnesota


    Best Actor in a Lead Role Nominees:


    1) Maty Mauk

    2) Marcus Murphy

    3) Bud Sasser

    4) Shane Ray

    5) Markus Golden


    Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nominees:

    1) Russell Hansbrough

    2) Evan Boehm

    3) Harold Brantley

    4) Kentrell Brothers

    5) Kenya Dennis


    Best Assistant Director Nominees:

    1) AJ Ricker

    2) Josh Henson

    3) Craig Kuligowski

    4) Dave Steckel

    5) Cornell Ford


    Leave a comment below with your vote for the 2014-2015 Mizzou football Oscar winners.