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  1. The Big Show: Kim Anderson

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    Mizzou basketball coach Kim Anderson joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss the Tigers on the Prowl, and how the Missouri basketball team is progressing as fall practice gets going.


  2. College Football Coaches Sound Off on Maty Mauk

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    ESPN released a really interesting ranking of the SEC quarterbacks. And while their ranking system seems to be flawed – they don’t take into account current backup quarterbacks, but do look at 2016 and 2017 recruits, which penalizes Missouri for having Drew Lock already on campus – the quotes that ESPN analysts Sam Khan Jr. and Derek Tyson got from college football coaches about Missouri’s starting quarterback Maty Mauk were hugely interesting.


    “I think that guy is a hell of a player,” one SEC defensive coordinator told Khan and Tyson. “He can make plays in the fourth quarter. That’s his M.O. He gets it done. It isn’t always pretty, but I thought he played really well.”


    The numbers bear that out, of course. Mauk completed 56 percent of his passes for 8.5 yards per attempt with eight touchdowns and zero interceptions in the fourth quarter of 2014 games. Those are much better numbers than his 53 percent completion percentage for 6.0 yards per attempt with 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in the first three quarters.


    Another head coach said he “isn’t as sold on him as others are,” and a defensive coach who faced Mauk last season called him “very average.”


    “Smart,” the defensive coach said. “Does not put the football at risk. Average arm. His instincts are good. I don’t think he has a good arm. He throws a good deep ball, but it’s the deep digs and deep out cuts that he can’t make. He’s a very good game-manager. He’s Major Applewhite-ish. He doesn’t make mistakes. He runs the show. They believe in him. But do they fear him? No.”


    This is where I think the quotes start to get really interesting. I don’t think of Mauk as an Alex Smith-esque quarterback. I think of him as more of a playmaker. A guy that can make things happen, and typically looks for the big play. Other coaches, apparently, don’t view him that way.


    “I will say this: If I was in the SEC and I had to win a game with somebody, Mauk does nothing but win,” (the same coach) said. “He does nothing but win with lesser teams. He doesn’t lose the game for you. He ain’t the best one, but he ain’t going to lose for you. If you put Maty Mauk at LSU, they might not lose a game.”


    Another quote, another reference to Mauk being a good game manager. I do find it interesting that this coach sees Missouri as a “lesser” team despite Marcus Lucas, Dorial Green-Beckham, Bud Sasser, Jimmie Hunt and L’Damian Washington (Mauk’s top receivers over the past two years) each spending some time with NFL teams. Also, Mauk’s offensive line has included Justin Britt (2nd round pick), Mitch Morse (2nd round pick), Evan Boehm and Connor McGovern, both of whom will be drafted in 2016. So, has he really done “more with less”, or is the perception among college coaches simply slow to change? I think it’s more of the latter, which is also interesting.


  3. The Big Show: Erin Unerstall previews Mizzou vs. SEMO

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    Erin Unerstall covers the Southeast Missouri State football team for the Southeast Missourian. She joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to preview the upcoming matchup between Mizzou and SEMO.




  4. The Big Show: Gary Pinkel

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    Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel joined Matt and BK on The Big Show in preparation for MU’s opening week matchup against Southeast Missouri State.




  5. Mizzou Gives All-Access Look Into Fall Camp on SEC Inside

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    Have you ever wondered what a day at Mizzou fall football camp is like? The kind people over at SEC Network have given us at least a little bit of an idea.


    “SEC Inside” gives fans an inside look into what each team’s fall football camp is like, and Mizzou was front and center earlier this week. This five minute video gives you a better idea of what it’s like than anything the media has seen. That much I can assure you.



    Quotable Moments:


    1) Coach Pinkel is talking to freshman defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr. while Beckner is stretching. Pinkel says that Beckner has done a great job thus far, and then goes on to add, “you know I really like you when I block the sun for you, okay? When I’m mad at you I slide over so the sun kicks your butt while I talk to you.”


    2) Coach Pinkel told redshirt freshman wide receiver Raymond Wingo that he needs to work on consistency. “Work on your consistency, you know? You have a lot of ability. Get better today, okay?”


    3) It’s hard to tell who Pinkel was talking to, but he says to someone, “Be demanding of one’s self. In a positive way. You run. (Jeremy Maclin), we had to say the same thing. He’d be gliding around a lot. God gave you speed. Use it.”


    4) Someone referred to freshman safety Cam Hilton, “Cam Newton” while talking to Pinkel. Coach relayed the message to Cam Hilton. Someone (hard to understand) called you Cam Newton. We were talking about you. I said, ‘no, not so fast, coach’… I said, ‘he’s going to be better than Cam Newton!'”


  6. Mizzou Media Day News & Notes: Coaches & Players Rave About Terry Beckner & Drew Lock

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    The Drew Lock and Terry Beckner Hype Train: I have to be honest with you guys – the Drew Lock and Terry Beckner Jr. hype train is real. Drew Lock will be the team’s number two quarterback, barring something drastic. And Terry Beckner Jr. will be a major part of the defensive tackle rotation.


    Junior linebacker Michael Scherer lit up when he was asked about Beckner. “I’ve watched some of the things that Terry (Beckner Jr.) does, and I just look at him like, ‘how do you…’ He’s just that good.” Scherer said. “I don’t know how he does half the things he does. But he makes it to the ball like every play. He’s very talented. It almost looks like the offensive linemen are trying to block a ghost.”



    Evan Boehm lines up across from Beckner every day in practice. He couldn’t help but laugh when Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou asked what kind of player Beckner could be. “Kid’s going to be a stud, man,” Boehm said. “Kid’s good. Kid’s really good. He’s got quick hands, great feet. He’s going to be a special player this year for us, and he’s going to be a special player for Missouri over the next couple years.”



    As is expected, defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski tempered expectations a bit, saying that Beckner has shown promise, but there is still work to be done. “Terry Beckner is a very good prospect,” Kuligowski said. “He’s very quick, very strong and very large. And, at times, very lazy. If we can get the very lazy part out of him, we’re going to have someone that’s pretty good.”



    And then there’s true freshman Drew Lock, who passed up redshirt sophomore Eddie Printz and redshirt freshman Marvin Zanders on the depth chart to become the Tigers’ backup quarterback. There’s no denying Lock’s talent. He was the top performing quarterback at all three scrimmages. He’s the highest rated quarterback to commit to Missouri since Blaine Gabbert. The expectation level is that he will be the Tigers’ next quarterback to play in the NFL. But I’m not sure how many fans expected him to come in right away and take the backup quarterback spot. That was a bit of a surprise.


    “This has nothing to do with Maty,” Pinkel said. “If something happens to Maty – the first thing you ask yourself – is who is the best player to put in? We really do that for every position. That’s what we do. That’s the reasoning behind it.”


    “Anybody that can help the team, we’re not going to redshirt,” Pinkel said. “That’s pretty simple. The team is the number one priority. At every position.”



    Pinkel said there will be a plan in place as to how the team will utilize Lock in each game.


    “We’ve done it many different types of ways,” Pinkel said. “A series in the first half, a series in the second half. Most recently, we did it with James Franklin a little bit with (Blaine) Gabbert. We did it a little more-so with Chase Daniel (when) Brad Smith (was here), going way back. And it’s ideal to do that. We’ve had some success doing that here. I did it a little bit at Toledo, I did it a lot at Washington – because we had a bunch of NFL quarterbacks… And that worked out in a very favorable way. It’s something that allows your backup player, if he’s a good player, to play at that position. A lot of things go into that in terms of – how is the game going? And, do you want to interrupt that in the second half? I remember that with Chase. Those are decisions we have to make.”



    We’ll see on Saturday how that decision plays out on the field. My expectation would be that Lock gets at least one planned series in the first and second half. And I would suspect he’ll get “garbage time” reps if and when Missouri leads by a significant margin in the second half.


    More Freshmen Playing Time: My stance on Missouri’s 2015 recruiting class has not changed. I said in April that this class had the potential to be one of Pinkel’s best. Six months later, the 2015 class has accomplished something that hasn’t been done since 2008; There are eight true freshmen listed on the opening week depth chart, and Coach Pinkel expects all of them to play throughout the season.


    Those eight freshmen that will see the field in 2015 are quarterback Drew Lock, wide receiver Emanuel Hall, defensive end Nate Howard, defensive tackles Terry Beckner Jr. and Josh Moore, linebacker Terez Hall, safety Cam Hilton and punter Corey Fatony. Fatony is the only freshman currently listed as a starter, but Hall, Howard and Beckner will all rotate regularly at their respective positions. As previously mentioned, the coaching staff will come up with a plan as to how they want to use Lock.


    Quotes of the Day:

    1) Gary Pinkel on the decision to bump true freshman quarterback Drew Lock above junior Eddie Printz and redshirt freshman Marvin Zanders on the depth chart: 

    – “It doesn’t matter if it’s uncomfortable. You have to do what’s right for the team. It’s uncomfortable if you let all of those other things concern you.”


    2) Michael Scherer on true freshman linebacker Terez Hall:

    “Kid’s a psycho. He runs around and hits everything… He’s going to be very good on special teams, and hopefully we can get him in on defense a little bit to give him some experience. But he’s going to be a really good player. He runs around fast, and like I said, he’s a psycho. He hits everything he sees. He’s going to help us out this year.”


    3) Barry Odom on Terry Beckner:

    “Physically, he’s been blessed with a lot of ability. He’s learned the scheme. He’s been a guy that’s worked. He comes to practice and works his tail off to get in shape and adjust to the speed of the game. There are some things he’s done really, really well. Things a lot of freshmen aren’t able to do. He’s done a really good job.”


    4) Barry Odom on Cam Hilton:

    – “Cam has playmaking abilities. He’s a smart player. Intelligent. He understands his fit in the scheme – where he needs to be, where he can take a shot, where he can’t. And, more than anything, at that position, you have to protect. At the end of the day, you’re protecting the program at that spot. There’s nobody lining up behind you. It’s a huge accountability within our coverages and run fits.”


    Other Notes:

    1) Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Alec Abeln is listed as the starting left guard on the week one depth chart.


    Abeln spent most of the fall as the backup center to Evan Boehm, but the coaches wanted to see how he would perform at left guard in the third scrimmage. Apparently he performed admirably. “They talk about how the best five guys are going to play, no matter what, and I want to play,” Abeln said. “I knew I was going to be the number two center, but I was also working to crack that top five.”



    Abeln joins right tackle Nate Crawford as the only first-time starters on Missouri’s offensive line. Unlike Crawford, though, Abeln will have the pleasure of playing between left tackle Connor McGovern and center Evan Boehm. “It’s a huge benefit for me,” Abeln said. “Between those two guys there is probably 70 starts. Just loads of experience. Anyone will tell you that having good help is the most important thing of being a good offensive line, and I’ve got two of the best guys in this league.”


    2) Now that the wide receivers have stepped up throughout fall camp,the questions turn to the defensive line.


    Coach Pinkel and defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski spoke openly and honestly about what to expect from the group that has become known as D-Line Zou. “Look at the defensive ends, for example,” Pinkel said. “Over the past two years we’ve lost a first rounder, two second rounders, a seventh round pick that was a first team All American. We’ve lost some people on that front. That’s as good as anyone in the nation as far as quality players. So we anticipated playing some young players. Fortunately, we have some really good players in this class.”



    Coach Kool was asked about his defensive line rotation, and how many players he would ideally like to be a part of it. “I’ve done it where we’ve played four guys; Obviously, that’s not ideal,” Kuligowski said. “I’ve done it where we’ve played six guys, eight guys and 10 guys. It just kind of depends. And sometimes they all play better because we have more guys that rotate. It will be interesting to see. A lot of these guys are very talented. When we recruited them, we thought they were talented. And, luckily, we were right. It will be fun to watch.”


    Coach Kool said that the two best defensive linemen throughout fall camp have been Charles Harris and Rickey Hatley. The other two starters that join them along the defensive line are Josh Augusta and junior college transfer Marcell Frazier. Kool said on Monday that Augusta has gotten himself into playing shape throughout fall camp. He also had high praise for Frazier. “He’s a very mature, intelligent kid… He has his vision on success. He wants to be a great football player. He’s going to do what it takes to be a great football player. He hasn’t made a play in a game yet, but so far he’s really had a good camp. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It was a big area of need for us. It’s great that he came in and was able to get and maintain a starting role.”


    3) Charles Harris hears what you’re saying about him.


    Take note, sports media. The somewhat unanimous pick to become the next-in-line at D-Line Zou is paying attention to everything that’s written about him.



    “I think I’m at 39 (press clippings hanging in  my room) right now… From national and local. The most recent one I have is SB Nation’s top 10 defensive ends for the upcoming season.”


    Harris said the number one thing he’s been working on is his stand-up rushing, which could be telling as to how he will be utilized in Mizzou’s defense this year. He said he’s made big strides in his run defense, too. As for his personal goals this season, it’s pretty simple.


    “Sacks – double digits, of course,” Harris said. “I feel like that’s something that I can do. I feel like it’s something that is going to be done. And why not shoot for the stars and go for the sack record?”


  7. The Big Show: Adam Teicher

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    Adam Teicher of joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss Travis Kelce’s injury, the possibility of Fred Williams playing his way onto the roster, and Alex Smith’s deep-ball capabilities.


  8. Mizzou Announces Week 1 Depth Chart; Drew Lock #2 QB

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    Mizzou has released a depth chart for its week one home opener against Southeast Missouri State. The big news is that freshman quarterback Drew Lock is listed as the team’s backup quarterback, meaning he will not redshirt in 2015. There are eight total true freshmen listed on the depth chart. That’s more than I can remember in any season under Gary Pinkel. The other big surprise is Alec Abeln starting at left guard. Other than that, everything went as expected.




    *The above photo does cut off some of the injury report. Not seen are Harold Brantley (DT), Cortland Browning (S) and Wesley Leftwich (WR).


    Some other news and notes from Mizzou’s depth chart:


    – The biggest story is obviously freshman Drew Lock jumping Eddie Printz and Marvin Zanders to become the team’s primary backup quarterback. Lock was hugely impressive throughout fall camp, according to reports, and he did nothing but shine at the team’s three scrimmages open to the media. He’s the real deal, folks. He can make every throw you ask of him.


    – Not much movement along the offensive line outside of Alec Abeln jumping Taylor Chappell for the starting left guard spot. Connor McGovern, Evan Boehm, Mitch Hall and Nate Crawford opened the fall as the starters at their respective positions, and maintained those spots throughout fall camp. The backups have moved throughout camp, but their positions are unchanged since the team’s final scrimmage.


    – The main takeaway at wide receiver is that Keyon Dilosa – not DeSean Blair – is listed as the starter at “Z” with Wesley Leftwich on the injury report. That’s not shocking, based on where Dilosa and Blair lined up during stretching at the team’s final scrimage, but it is still somewhat surprising based on what I’ve seen from the two. Blair has been very impressive in the team’s three scrimmages. But, as Coach Pinkel says all the time, we only see three practices of a month-long fall football camp. Dilosa must have impressed in practices not open to the media.


    – There are a lot of notes & news along the defensive line. For one, Marcell Frazier will start in his first year in the program. The junior college transfer made the most of his opportunity and really showed out throughout Mizzou’s three scrimmages. He’s not as physically imposing as many of Mizzou’s defensive ends in the past, but he’s really athletic and has good size to boot. Another move that comes as somewhat of a surprise is Nate Howard making his way into the Missouri defensive end rotation as the backup behind Charles Harris. Howard was extremely active throughout scrimmages, and he has the size to come in and contribute right away. Freshman Terry Beckner Jr. is – no surprise – listed as a backup defensive tackle. The only news at defensive tackle is that Josh Moore will shed his redshirt and see the field as a true freshman. That may be out of necessity, as Missouri doesn’t have much depth behind the top four defensive tackles.


    – No real movement at linebacker. It was expected that freshman Terez Hall would be listed on the depth chart. He’s going to be a contributor on special teams.


    – No movement in the secondary, either. Freshman Cam Hilton will also contribute on special teams.


    – The punt returner will be Aarion Penton, and the kick returner will be Anthony Sherrils.


    We will have more updates from media day coming up on The Big Show, which you can hear from 4-6 p.m., on ESPN 100.5 & 103.1 FM in Columbia or online at

  9. KTGR Mizzou Football Coverage Schedule

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    It’s that time of the year. Your back-to-back SEC East champion Missouri Tigers have worked all offseason, and they’re ready to take the field for the first time on Saturday, September 5th against Southeast Missouri State.


    ESPN 103.1 FM & 1580 AM KTGR will once again be your radio home for the Tigers. And our Mizzou football coverage will be better than ever. We will continue airing Mizzou Mondays from 8-9 a.m. Tiger Talk will be on in its typical slot on Monday evenings from of 7-8. And, of course, The Big Show presented by Lee’s Tire Company will continue airing weekdays from 4-6 p.m.


    The main difference this season in our Mizzou coverage will be on gameday. We’ll have pre-game coverage beginning three hours prior to kickoff, and we’ll continue airing the network postgame. The new addition to our gameday coverage is a post-game show hosted by Matt and BK that will follow network coverage. Matt and BK will take your calls and bring you the coaches and players’ reactions following each and every Mizzou football game.


    KTGR’s 2015 Mizzou Football Coverage Schedule:



    8-9 a.m.: Mizzou Monday with Matt and BK

    7-8 p.m.: Tiger Talk with Mike Kelly and Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel*

    *Pending Cardinals baseball



    4-6 p.m.: The Big Show presented by Lee’s Tire Company with Matt and BK



    3 Hours Prior to Kickoff: Alumni Hall Tiger Gameday with Matt and BK

    2 Hours Prior to Kickoff: Gateway Buick GMC Tiger Tailgate Show with Brad Trenago

    1 Hour Prior to Kickoff: Shelter Insurance Pre-Game with Mike Kelly and Howard Richards


    Immediately Following the Game: Socket Postgame Show with Mike Kelly

    Following the Socket Postgame Show: Insurance Group Wrap-Up Show with Mike Kelly


    Following the Insurance Group Wrap-Up Show: Matt and BK will take you through the day/night with a local postgame call-in show

  10. The Sports Wire: David Lesky

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    David Lesky of Pine Tar Press joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss the Royals’ weird win over the Rays, Yordano Ventura’s recent surge back to the front of the rotation & Mike Moustakas’ hot streak.