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Mizzou Football Positional Previews: The Quarterbacks

Over the coming weeks, BK will preview each and every position on the Mizzou football roster in anticipation for the 2015 season. The preview will begin the first week of July, and we will continue up until August 1st - ...Read More

Terrence Phillips: “We’re in the gym a lot more than I think most people expected”

How has the summer been going for you so far? "The first two or three days here - the freshmen... We were drained. Going to class, going to lunch, having study hall, then lifting... We were drained the first three ...Read More

Rob Fulford: “I would compare Cullen Van Leer to Ben Hansbrough”

How has your role as an assistant coach evolved? "Coach (Anderson) and I talked about that. He was open at the end of the season that he expects more from all of us this year, but me in particular. Coming ...Read More

Tramaine Isabell: “Coach Anderson has taken me under his wing”

Have you noticed a difference what you are working on right now compared to what you were working on at this point last summer? "Last year we worked a lot on defense. This year we're working on getting our stamina ...Read More

A Sign of Improvement from Maty Mauk?

Daniel Jeremiah's Move the Sticks podcast on the NFL's "All 3rd Down Team" got me to thinking - how did Mizzou perform on third down last year? Specifically, how did Maty Mauk perform? Missouri is one of just five SEC teams that has ...Read More

Justin Houston makes NFL Network’s “All 3rd Down Team”

Daniel Jeremiah of posted a great podcast on the "All NFL 3rd Down Team" on Monday. The premise of the podcast was to find the players that performed at the highest level on 3rd down throughout the 2014 football ...Read More

The Sports Wire: Craig Edwards

BK penned an article suggesting Jason Heyward could command up to $200 million on the open market after the season. Craig Edwards of Viva El Birdos and Fangraphs seems to agree, and he wouldn't be disappointed if the Cardinals were ...Read More

The Sports Wire: John Harris

John Harris is an excellent analyst for, but he's also a former high school football coach, and the love for the game carries over to the college football level. So much so that John has a new SEC Football ...Read More

Is Jason Heyward a $200 million player?

Jason Heyward's career batting average is below .270. He's never hit more than 27 home runs or stolen more than 21 bases in a season. Despite some of Heyward's less-than-stellar traditional metrics, the St. Louis Cardinals were willing to part with ...Read More

BK’s Daily Grind: Jaime Garcia dominates, Justin Houston underrated & woman loses eyesight after participating in mud run

KANSAS CITY ROYALS: The purple elephant in the room for the Kansas City Royals is the fact that 90 percent of the current roster will become a free agent by 2018. In some respects, that's good business by Kansas City ...Read More