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  1. The Sports Wire: Herbie Teope

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    Herbie Teope joined BK on The Sports Wire for an update on the Chiefs from Training Camp in St. Joe. Who has stood out thus far? Who will step up in Dontari Poe’s absence? And what does Chris Conley’s injury mean for the Chiefs long-term?




  2. The Sports Wire: Dan Weigel

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    Dan Weigel wrote a great article for Beyond the Box Score on Yordano Ventura’s struggles in 2015. Dan says there is one thing in particular that Ventura could fix that would help him reach his ace potential.




  3. The Sports Wire: Rams Re-Sign Nick Foles, Dan Weigel & Herbie Teope

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    Hour 1:



    8:00 — Opening Monologue… Cardinals big win further evidence that Randal Grichuk is among the top rookies in the NL. But has he proven enough to make Jason Heyward expendable?


    8:15 — The St. Louis Rams have re-signed Nick Foles. After hearing the news, I hated the move. But the more I look into it, the more I like it for the Rams.


    8:30 — Mizzou Football Fall Camp Day 3… Morgan Steward is back, J’Mon Moore is in the doghouse & the biggest transition under new defensive coordinator Barry Odom.


    8:45 — What are SEC Players saying about Mizzou? CBS Sports polled 42 SEC players to find out who they believe will win the SEC in 2015. 10 teams were named. Was MU listed among them?


    Hour 2:



    9:00 — Dan Weigel joined the show. He wrote a great piece about Yordano Ventura’s struggles for Beyond the Box Score. He believes there is one thing Yordano needs to fix in order to reach his potential.


    9:15 — Morgan Steward is the X-Factor Mizzou needs… Steward is finally back from his hip injury. What does his presence mean for the Tigers?


    9:30 — Herbie Teope of Chiefs Digest joins the show… We get an update from Chiefs Training Camp on everything going on in St. Joe. Who is going to fill in for Dontari Poe?


    9:45 — The BK Lounge… Donald Trump and Maty Mauk have one thing in common, and it’s the reason why I’m so intrigued by this 2015 Mizzou football season.

  4. The Big Show: Gabe DeArmond

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    Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou joined BK on The Big Show on Friday. Gabe gave his opinion on how important it is that Maty Mauk’s teammates believe in Mauk, what a 3-4 would mean for Mizzou, and what kind of an impact Morgan Steward could have on the Missouri offense.




  5. The Big Show: Cliff Corcoran

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    Cliff Corcoran of joined BK on The Big Show to discuss the Royals’ latest slide, Yordano Ventura’s struggles, Randal Grichuk’s case for rookie of the year, and he names his candidates for the Royals & Cardinals’ team MVP.




  6. Mizzou Fall Football Camp: Day 2 Interviews

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    Mizzou took the field for day two of fall football camp bright and early this morning, and KTGR was there to bring you full coverage.

    Matt and BK caught up with Mizzou defensive coordinator Barry Odom, quarterback Maty Mauk, running back Morgan Steward, wide receiver J’Mon Moore & Nate Brown, and running backs coach Brian Jones.

    Mizzou defensive coordinator Barry Odom spoke with reporters for the first time on Friday at fall camp. He discussed the addition of Justin Smith to the coaching staff, Kentrell Brothers’ greatest strength, the ability to play the 3-4 with Mizzou’s current defensive personnel, and Odom explained why Monday mornings are his favorite part about coaching.


    Maty Mauk says his receivers will get better because of the defense they go up against each and every day, going so far as to say Mizzou’s 2015 secondary could be the best in Mizzou history. Plus, Mauk assesses the battle for the no. 1 WR position between J’Mon Moore and DeSean Blair, the offense’s use of two tight ends in 2015 and how he improved his pocket presence.


    Morgan Steward is finally back on the field after almost a full year of rehabbing a unique hip injury. He explained how the injury occured, what this process has been like and how close he is to 100%.


    J’Mon Moore was listed as the no. 2 “X” receiver when the updated depth charts were released to the media on Thursday. Moore said he knew this was coming, and explained what led to his demotion. He also explained how he could get his starting spot back.


    Nate Brown missed most of the spring with a sprained knee, but he was back on the field when Mizzou broke for fall camp on Thursday. He described his confidence level in his knee, his overall health, and how he responds to the doubters.


    We caught up with Mizzou running backs coach Brian Jones and asked him what he expects from Morgan Steward in fall camp, how he believes Steward will respond to getting hit for the first time, and he compared Steward’s injury to a former Missouri Tiger.

  7. The Big Show: Bryan Mann

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    There’s a time of year a Division 1 football player is more likely to be injured than in training camp… the answer might surprise you. (more…)

  8. The Big Show: David Hunn

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    What are the chances a new St. Louis football stadium gets built following a key court ruling? (more…)

  9. The Big Show: Gary Pinkel

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    Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss his football team as we are less than 24 hours away from the start of fall camp. We asked Pinkel about his expectations for the wide receivers, the importance of Terry Beckner Jr. contributing early and we find out how involved Coach will be in the south end zone complex. All of that and more in our conversation.



    Some highlights from our conversations with Coach Pinkel:
    “There are a lot of similarities defensively…. I think we’ll become a little bit more multiple.”

    “Opportunities open up with stuff like (Harold Brantley’s injury)…I think that’s exciting for everybody.”


    Is Connor McGovern still expected to start at left tackle? “Yeah, I think we’ll do that.”


    “We have a lot of (offensive linemen) that have played a lot… Now it’s about who plays where.”


    “The best teams I’ve had are really good on both sides of the football.”


    “I think Ish Witter is going to be involved (in the RB rotation). There’s no question about that.”


    “We’re seeing Morgan Steward look much better. That’s a huge change in the past 2 months.”


    Morgan Steward is “one of the best young running backs I’ve seen here.”


    “Russell Hansbrough is one of the great running backs in this league. I think he’s proven that.”


    “We’re definitely playing (Chase Abbington) at running back.”


    “We used to go 2 TE roughly 70% of the time (with Rucker & Coffman). Culkin & Reese are also very talented.”

  10. The Big Show: David Morrison

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    David Morrison of the Columbia Daily Tribune joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss whether or not Mizzou will get anyone in ESPN’s top 100 college football players, and will Kentrell Brothers & Michael Scherer go down as two of the best linebackers ever to play under Gary Pinkel?