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  1. Dave Bartoo: “I like Mizzou at 8-4″

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    Dave Bartoo is one of the best college football analysts in the country. His college football digital magazine is a great resource for fans, and it’s FREE. Dave joined BK this morning on The Sports Wire to break down the Tigers’ schedule, the biggest competition for an SEC East title, and whether or not the over-under of 7.5 wins is disrespectful. All of that and much more on the podcast.


  2. The Sports Wire: Marcell Frazier

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    2015 Mizzou football signee Marcell Frazier joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss his path to Missouri, his expectations for playing time in 2015, and what he hopes to accomplish at Missouri.

    I think Mizzou fans will enjoy this conversation.



    Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your path to Missouri?

    A: On signing day I signed with UNLV. I reported for their camp in August. I showed up with their camp, just did their fall camp with them, and they found out one of my classes from high school – a math class – wasn’t going to be NCAA approved. Originally they wanted me to grayshirt and enroll in a math class at a community college back home in Portland. And then they ended up winning two games that year, so I wanted to go JUCO because there was no way I wanted to play for a two win program. I got in touch with Iowa Western originally. It was all well and good and then I got there and they told me they had a 20-man out-of-state roster, and there are guys that have been at this JUCO for three years. And I thought to myself that I will beat them out anyway, it doesn’t matter. For all of spring ball I was starting. I came to fall ball, and got a weird injury. I was going against Sebastian Tretola, the guy that goes to Arkansas now. We were doing one-on-ones, and I did a spin move and I tore my oblique. They wanted to redshirt me because they said there was no way I would be ready for the season and I wouldn’t be able to make the travel squad. So they said to just redshirt and practice. I was bummed about it. It rubbed me the wrong way. They were playing it up like I had to get back on the travel roster and it never happened. And I left with a bad taste in my mouth. I decided to go to Siskiyous… I was always in contact with them after high school. I think their coach knew more than my high school coach did because he was always saying, “I don’t know if you’re going to make it eligibility-wise.” And then the people in my camp kept saying, “oh, no you’ll make it, you’ll make it. This class counts, don’t worry.” So I ended up going to Siskiyous in January of 2014 for that springs semester and I played last fall there. And last Fall Mizzou, Arkansas, Kansas State, Cal and some pretty big time schools compared to what were recruiting me in high school started recruiting me. Mizzou ended up offering and I committed in November or December.

    Q: So last year was your first time playing organized football in about two years?

    A: Yeah, I played a high school all star game a couple weeks after I graduated in 2012. And then I did the practice with UNLV, sat out that semester. Sat out another year at Iowa Western. And last year was the first year (playing). So two full years went by, almost three since I played in high school. Because my high school (senior) season was 2011 and last year was 2014. 

    Q: Was it nice to get back out there?

    A: Yeah, it was great. I put on some solid pounds since high school because in high school I was a wide receiver and I played D-End for a year and a half. I’m still new to this position, so all of the playing time and practice that I can get at d-end is great. Last year was really only the second full year I’ve ever played d-end since high school.

    Q: Was there ever a moment when you thought about calling it quits?

    A: Oh, definitely. When I left UNLV, I gave a brief thought to joining the military or going to school at home and getting a job. Then I went to Iowa (Western) and they redshirted me and I had to come home. And then my parents were saying, “you know this is your second school…” And I was like, well I reported to UNLV, but they counted it. So they said, “maybe you should go talk to the military again”, or maybe you should look for jobs, or maybe you should apply for Portland State. And then I went to Siskiyous and it kind of worked there. It worked more than it did at Iowa Western. It was a four hour drive from home. It just worked out way better than Iowa Western did. I just said, “well, this is my final go.” Because I wanted to get my life started whether it was football or the military or just getting a job and going to school.

    Q: What was the toughest moment?

    A: Emotionally, it was probably the UNLV thing. I only practiced for a little bit and I was already 2nd string on their roster. I was the only freshman in the rotation. That was tough. It was really tough. Because, especially out of high school, you’re so naive, you’re so full of life. You’re ready to take the world by storm. Iowa Western, the redshirting was tough, but at least I got to practice. So at least I wasn’t out of football for five months. UNLV was tough. But Iowa Western was pretty tough, too. UNLV beats it out though because I had to go home. I couldn’t practice, I couldn’t be around my teammates anymore. I had to watch everything on TV.

    Q: You’re finally at a D1 program in Missouri… But you mentioned the difficulty of being far from home. What’s it going to be like being that far away again?

    A: I think (the drive) is like 30 hours. I’m older now. I’m way more mature. Doing all of this crazy stuff has matured me. It forces you to learn what life is all about. Having your defeats & accomplishments. I’m way more mature to handle it. I’m a homebody at heart, so I’m going to miss home no matter what. But I think every kid misses home a little bit no matter how old you are until you’re 20-something. I’m going to miss it a little bit, but it’s going to be so rewarding. That first game against SEMO… And that first SEC game is going to be surreal. I’ve been watching those guys since… I think it was the year LSU beat Oregon in the season opener. SEC football is the main football I’ve been watching even though I’m in Pac-12 country. It’s going to be crazy to hit the field against players I’ve been watching on TV like Dak Prescott from Mississippi State, all these Kentucky guys and Florida Gators guys… I’ve been watching the Gators since they had Tim Tebow and they won their first title. So it’s going to be crazy to play those guys every week.

    Q: Do your expectations change at all with Marcus Loud being dismissed?

    A: They definitely do. I have to come in that much more ready. But Coach Kool (Kuligowski) told me when they started recruiting me in November that they knew Shane Ray would declare early and Markus Golden was a senior. So they said they’re losing two highly productive guys and they need me to make an impact. They didn’t need me to start back then because like you said, they had Loud and they had (Charles) Harris, but now they just have Harris. And now they don’t need me to just be a rotation guy. They need me to be, I’m pretty sure, a high producer guy. Most likely, what it sounds like, is a starter. But I know those redshirt freshmen could do the job. They just don’t have experience. So I think they will need me to be a starter. But I’m ready for whatever it is. Like we were talking about off the air, it’s been a crazy roller coaster. So when I get there I’m going to be ready to work. I don’t know exactly what it’ll be, but when I get there, I’ll be ready to work.

    Q: You said you played wide receiver in high school. I’m assuming that means you’re fairly athletic?

    A: Yeah, my last 40 was last spring. It was like a 4.65. Laser timed, my laser timed 40 in high school, was a 4.68 at one of the Nike Combines.

    Q: And what are you weighing now?

    A: I’m between 255 and 260 now. At the season I started off around 240 and I ended at like 260. But I would rather play at 250 than 260. At 260 I was still fast but my body felt a little more sluggish. There was a little more strain on my ankle and my knees. At 250 my knees could handle it, my ankles could handle it and my body was carrying the weight a little better.

    Q: Those measurables sound a lot like Shane Ray. Is that a fair comparison for the way you play?

    A: I would love to be compared to him. I’ve seen the way he plays. But I think it’s a little disrespectful on his end. I don’t think he would want to be compared to a junior college guy. But maybe one day… I know I have the first step. If you’ve seen my film, I definitely have the first step. But I need to get better with my hands. Shane probably has more moves than me. But speed-wise, I could see the comparison.

    Q: What’s the number one thing you’re looking forward to when you get to Columbia?

    A: Enjoying the college, university life. I got a little taste of it on UNLV’s campus, but I’m looking forward to being immersed in the whole college life. Taking university classes to further my education, making those connections, building up my network… The football part, I already know that’s going to be amazing. But just living the university life, working toward my bachelors and furthering my education and life. 

  3. The Sports Wire: Matt Moore

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    Matt Moore of CBS Sports joined BK on The Sports Wire to break down the NBA Finals and discuss the latest news surrounding the NBA.

    What are the Cavs’ advantages in this series? And is it fair that LeBron James’ legacy will be impacted in a negative way if he loses the series? All of that and more with Matt Moore on The Sports Wire podcast.


  4. The Big Show: Dan Wolken

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    Dan Wolken of USA Today joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss his column on what SEC football coaches have been saying about keeping everyone on a ‘level playing field.’ Wolken says it’s time for the coaches to stop whining.

    Full podcast:

  5. The Big Show: Craig Edwards

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    Craig Edwards is a writer at Fangraphs and an editor at VivaElBirdos and he joined BK on The Big Show on Monday. Topics included Michael Wacha’s outstanding performance thus far, and if this is sustainable. Plus, what is Jason Heyward worth? Did the Red Birds misjudge what they had in the outfield? All of that and much more in the podcast.


  6. The Big Show: Dan Buffa

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    Dan Buffa of KSDK and joined BK on The Big Show to preview the upcoming St. Louis Cardinals vs. Kansas City Royals series.


  7. The Big Show: Royals vs. Cardinals head-to-head draft

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    The St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals, the two teams with the best records in baseball, face off this weekend in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium. The teams will decide who is better on the field, but in the meantime, who would you rather have at each and every position for the rest of the season? This was a question posed to Matt and BK on Thursday on The Big Show, so they had a quick draft. Here’s how it went:



    CATCHER: Salvador Perez Yadier Molina
    1ST BASE: Eric Hosmer Eric Hosmer
    2ND BASE: Kolten Wong Kolten Wong
    SHORTSTOP: Alcides Escobar Jhonny Peralta
    3RD BASE: Matt Carpenter Matt Carpenter
    LEFT FIELD: Alex Gordon Alex Gordon
    CENTER FIELD: Lorenzo Cain Lorenzo Cain
    RIGHT FIELD: Jason Heyward Alex Rios
    #1 STARTER: Lance Lynn Lance Lynn
    #2 STARTER John Lackey Danny Duffy
    #3 STARTER: Michael Wacha Michael Wacha
    #4 STARTER: Jason Vargas Carlos Martinez
    #5 STARTER: Jeremy Guthrie Jeremy Guthrie
    BULLPEN: Kansas City Kansas City


    BK’s team had 8 Royals players (including the bullpen) and 8 Cardinals players. Matt’s team had 7 Royals players (including the bullpen) and 9 Cardinals players.

    Overall, both teams are incredibly similar. Who would you want for the remainder of the season? Let us know on Facebook or Tweet us and we’ll read your comments on Friday’s version of The Big Show, which you can hear weekdays from 4-6 pm on ESPN 100.5 & 103.1 FM KTGR or online at

  8. The Big Show: Blake Toppmeyer

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    Blake Toppmeyer joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to preview Mizzou softball’s upcoming Super Regional matchup against UCLA. Can the Tigers make a run to the College World Series?


  9. The Big Show: Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

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    Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss Chiefs rookie mini camps, where Mitch Morse fits in along the offensive line, expectations for Jeremy Maclin, and is this the best supporting cast Alex Smith has ever had around him? All of that and much more in Thursday’s conversation.

  10. Ehren Earleywine: “We need to be aggressive”

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    Mizzou softball coach Ehren Earleywine caught up with us on The Big Show as his team preps for another Super Regional, this one against UCLA. The Tigers take on UCLA in Los Angeles on Saturday. What does coach think about his team’s chances? Check out the podcast.