Wanna Bet?

I love the Prop Bets for the Super Bowl...coin toss, anthem and many more... (more…)

Final Furlong: January 26, 2013

This week: new technology, an NBA bear hug, and the strangest pick of running presidents ever. (more…)

Final Furlong: January 19, 2013

Another week, another batch of stories that make you wonder where the de-evolution of the human race began. (more…)

Final Furlong: January 12, 2013

Another week in the books and another week of people making fools of themselves.  This week, we go from the sad, to the disturbing, to the hilarious, and back.   (more…)

Final Furlong: January 5, 2013

We're back with the New Year and you'd think people would wait a few weeks to get involved in this goofiness.  Turns out we got our hopes up for another year. (more…)

Best College Football Hit of The Year?

Was the Jadeveon Clowney hit vs Michigan in the Outback Bowl the best hit all year? (more…)

Remis Wins Kicking Competition

Missouri Freshman Patrick Remis won the Allstate 60 Seconds of Mayhem Competition at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. (more…)

What Was Best Sports Gift You Ever Recieved?

What a great reaction from this guy as he was given tickets to NCAA Title Game to see Alabama take on Notre Dame. What was the best sports gift you ever recieved? (more…)

Final Furlong: December 15, 2012

After the last 48 hours, we all need stories that make us smile. (more…)

Final Furlong: December 8, 2012

It seems every week we're able to find the good, the bad, and the WTF of the world. (more…)