Big Show Blog: The Case for Yadi

I will go ahead and name you the MVP of the National League right now, and in my opinion, it isn't close. (more…)

A Tribute To the Flopping Lebron James

The NBA has a game 7...Heat vs Spurs. Who do you have? (more…)

Big Show Blog: Pay The Man, Shirley

Long-time Washington Post columnist Norman Chad had a saying in his weekly Q-and-A column, "Pay the Man, Shirley". Today I will envoke that phrase. (more…)

View From The Booth: Missouri In The Super Regionals

Hoping that this year's bid for a trip to Oklahoma City allows for the Missouri Tigers to take care of some unfinished business. (more…)

KTGR’s Point/Counterpoint: NBA MVP

LeBron James won his 4th NBA MVP Sunday.  He wasn't a unanimous choice.  So of course, everyone's upset. (more…)

Smith Fires Agent after Draft Freefall

I get why Geno Smith was upset. But it's self-serving to take it out someone else so quickly. (null)

KTGR’s NHL Playoff Draft

Hocky + Luck of the Draw + why not = KTGR Hockey Draft.   (more…)

Talking Rams Draft

It's been a good weekend for the St. Louis Rams. (more…)

Final Furlong: April 20, 2013

It was a horrible week.  The Final Furlong hopes to lighten the mood with the idiocy of the sports world. (more…)

An Emotional Anthem In Boston

A very emotional night in Boston at the Bruins game on Wednesday night. (more…)