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  1. The Big Show: Dan Wolken

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    Dan Wolken of USA Today joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss his column on what SEC football coaches have been saying about keeping everyone on a ‘level playing field.’ Wolken says it’s time for the coaches to stop whining.

    Full podcast:

  2. The Big Show: Will Carroll

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    Will Carroll is the injury expert for Fanduel Insider, and he joined Matt and BK on The Big Show on Tuesday to break down some of the lingering injuries on both the Cardinals and the Royals.

    How severe is Danny Duffy’s shoulder injury? Should Cardinals fans trust Jaime Garcia? And when will Michael Wacha’s shoulder injury rear its ugly head again? All of that and much more in our conversation with Will Carroll from Tuesday on The Big Show.

  3. Cardinals lead National League with four All Star starters

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    Missouri continues to be the center of the baseball universe, this time following the National League All Star announcements.

    The Cardinals have starters at third base (Matt Carpenter), shortstop (Jhonny Peralta), catcher (Yadier Molina) and in the outfield (Matt Holiday). Kolten Wong was another potential starter, and he came in second in the 2nd base voting behind the Marlins’ Dee Gordon.

    Matt and BK discussed the Cardinals’ All Star selections on Tuesday on The Big Show.


  4. Kansas City Royals dominate in initial AL All Star voting

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    The MLB announced its opening results for the American League All Star voting, and the Royals are well represented.

    Five Royals – Mike Moustakas, Alcides Escobar, Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon – would be starting in the All Star Game if voting ended today. Eric Hosmer, Omar Infante and Kendrys Morales are second in votes at their respective positions. Alex Rios, who hasn’t played since breaking his hand in the seventh game of the season, is sixth among all American League outfielders in votes.

    Below are the full voting results.

  5. The Big Show: Craig Edwards

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    Craig Edwards is a writer at Fangraphs and an editor at VivaElBirdos and he joined BK on The Big Show on Monday. Topics included Michael Wacha’s outstanding performance thus far, and if this is sustainable. Plus, what is Jason Heyward worth? Did the Red Birds misjudge what they had in the outfield? All of that and much more in the podcast.


  6. The Sports Wire: David Lesky

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    David Lesky of Pine Tar Press joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss the Royals’ big win over the Cardinals. Plus, is Eric Hosmer developing into a star? Should Chris Young be a staple in the rotation? And how many All Stars will the Royals have this season? All of that and more in today’s podcast with David Lesky.

  7. The Big Show: Dan Buffa

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    Dan Buffa of KSDK and joined BK on The Big Show to preview the upcoming St. Louis Cardinals vs. Kansas City Royals series.


  8. ESPN Says Missouri will disappoint in 2015

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    The think pieces have arrived.

    It’s the offseason, and the need for football “news” is constant. People want information. But there is precious little information to be had in May when most of the college football players are scattered across the country before they arrive back in Columbia, or wherever they may play, for summer workouts.

    With that in mind, ESPN has released an article today on why Missouri will not be able to three-peat in the SEC East. KC Joyner, the author of the piece, includes 10 reasons why Missouri will fall back down to earth. Joyner’s explanations are in bold. My rebuttals are in italics.

    1) Maty Mauk is trending down

    There is some truth to this. Mauk, after coming in and looking great in year one, had a rough start to the 2014 conference slate. With that said, he did finish the season on an upward trajectory, and if you’re looking at the situation as the glass half-full, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Mauk.

    2) Inexperienced receiving corps

    There’s really no rebuttal to this. It’s true, and it’s the biggest question for Missouri heading into 2015.

    3) Inconsistent run blocking

    Joyner actually includes a few interesting numbers on Missouri’s run blocking in 2014 that would indicate the Tigers did, in fact, struggle with run blocking in 2014. But he also argued against those numbers himself. Missouri returns four starters from last season, and junior college transfers Malik Cuellar and Tyler Howell will also compete for starting jobs in fall camp. The Tigers have the potential to be very good along the offensive line in 2015, and the addition of Cuellar, who stands 6’5 and 300 pounds, along with Howell, who stands  6’9 and 300 pounds, can only improve an already experienced line.

    4) Offensive line in flux

    See the response to number three.

    5) It will be difficult to replace Shane Ray and Markus Golden

    Of course it will be difficult to replace Ray and Golden. Thankfully for Missouri, no single player to be asked to do so. It will be a task that’s placed on the shoulders of all four starting defensive lineman along with Kentrell Brothers as a linebacker. Will the Tigers have the dominant pass rush they did in 2014? Probably not. But they might not need to with two starting cornerbacks, three linebackers and a safety returning from 2014.

    6) The loss of Marcus Loud

    This is fair, and it’s something I wrote about yesterday.

    7) A lack of ball hawks

    As I mentioned earlier, Missouri returns three of its four defensive backs. All three linebackers that started in 2014 will be back for 2015. It has been my opinion all spring that Kenya Dennis is ready for a breakout season. I couldn’t disagree with this statement more.

    8) A mediocre kicker

    We have to stop with the Andrew Baggett bashing. Baggett was 12-14 in 2014 on field goals within 40 yards. On attempts between 40 and 49 yards, he finished the year 4-7. Anytime you’re asking a college kicker to make anything beyond 50 yards, it’s a coin flip. And that’s exactly how Baggett performed in 2014. He was 2-4 on field goals longer than 50 yards. It should also be noted that Baggett was 10-12 in spring scrimmages, which is plenty good.

    9) Schedule is not as favorable as it looks

    I think you could go either way on this. In some ways, Joyner is right. The schedule does include Arkansas, Mississippi State, Georgia and an underrated BYU team. However, the Tigers get BYU in Kansas City, a virtual home game. The Mississippi State game is a Thursday night road game for the Bulldogs; in my opinion, the most difficult environment in sports to win in. Arkansas and Georgia will be difficult, but the Tigers are 8-0 in SEC road games over the past two years.

    10) The SEC East is no longer in flux
    According to whom? Georgia doesn’t have a quarterback. Florida is in its first year under a new coach, and the offense was a mess last season. South Carolina is in rebuilding mode, and Tennessee is hugely talented, but they have yet to show that they’re ready to compete for anything meaningful. Maybe Florida or Tennessee will come out and surprise some people, but the only real competition for the throne in the SEC East seems to be Georgia.

  9. Michael Sam to play in the CFL

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    Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam has made it official. Sam has signed with the Montreal Alouettes to play in the Canadian Football League.

    Sam was named the SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2013 after breaking the Missouri single-season sack record. He was drafted in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams, but was cut before the season and later spent some time with the Dallas Cowboys on their practice squad.

    Sam hoped to catch on with an NFL team after participating in the veterans combine last month. He will be introduced at a press conference on Tuesday.


  10. The Big Show: Royals vs. Cardinals head-to-head draft

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    The St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals, the two teams with the best records in baseball, face off this weekend in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium. The teams will decide who is better on the field, but in the meantime, who would you rather have at each and every position for the rest of the season? This was a question posed to Matt and BK on Thursday on The Big Show, so they had a quick draft. Here’s how it went:



    CATCHER: Salvador Perez Yadier Molina
    1ST BASE: Eric Hosmer Eric Hosmer
    2ND BASE: Kolten Wong Kolten Wong
    SHORTSTOP: Alcides Escobar Jhonny Peralta
    3RD BASE: Matt Carpenter Matt Carpenter
    LEFT FIELD: Alex Gordon Alex Gordon
    CENTER FIELD: Lorenzo Cain Lorenzo Cain
    RIGHT FIELD: Jason Heyward Alex Rios
    #1 STARTER: Lance Lynn Lance Lynn
    #2 STARTER John Lackey Danny Duffy
    #3 STARTER: Michael Wacha Michael Wacha
    #4 STARTER: Jason Vargas Carlos Martinez
    #5 STARTER: Jeremy Guthrie Jeremy Guthrie
    BULLPEN: Kansas City Kansas City


    BK’s team had 8 Royals players (including the bullpen) and 8 Cardinals players. Matt’s team had 7 Royals players (including the bullpen) and 9 Cardinals players.

    Overall, both teams are incredibly similar. Who would you want for the remainder of the season? Let us know on Facebook or Tweet us and we’ll read your comments on Friday’s version of The Big Show, which you can hear weekdays from 4-6 pm on ESPN 100.5 & 103.1 FM KTGR or online at