Saturday Down South projects Mizzou to finish second in SEC East

Brad Crawford of Saturday Down South wrote a piece handicapping the SEC East. He is of the opinion that this division comes down to three teams: Mizzou, Georgia and Tennessee. Here's Crawford's analysis: "As I see it, there are three teams in ...Read More

The Inside Slant: Megan Armstrong

This week on The Inside Slant, BK is joined by his friend and former co-host, Megan Armstrong. Megan's debut novel, NIGHT OWLS, was just released for sale on Amazon and wherever books are sold. The conversation is centered around Megan's ...Read More

Kansas City Chiefs face of the franchise

The fine folks over at Bleacher Report had an interesting write-up on the "face of the franchise" across the NFL. In their list, they said that Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is the face of Kansas City's franchise. To be ...Read More

The Big Show: Dan Wolken

Dan Wolken of USA Today joined Matt and BK on The Big Show to discuss his column on what SEC football coaches have been saying about keeping everyone on a 'level playing field.' Wolken says it's time for the coaches to ...Read More

The Big Show: Will Carroll

Will Carroll is the injury expert for Fanduel Insider, and he joined Matt and BK on The Big Show on Tuesday to break down some of the lingering injuries on both the Cardinals and the Royals. How severe is Danny ...Read More

Cardinals lead National League with four All Star starters

Missouri continues to be the center of the baseball universe, this time following the National League All Star announcements. https://twitter.com/MLB_PR/status/603624213862359040 The Cardinals have starters at third base (Matt Carpenter), shortstop (Jhonny Peralta), catcher (Yadier Molina) and in the outfield (Matt ...Read More

Kansas City Royals dominate in initial AL All Star voting

The MLB announced its opening results for the American League All Star voting, and the Royals are well represented. Five Royals - Mike Moustakas, Alcides Escobar, Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon - would be starting in the All ...Read More

The Big Show: Craig Edwards

Craig Edwards is a writer at Fangraphs and an editor at VivaElBirdos and he joined BK on The Big Show on Monday. Topics included Michael Wacha's outstanding performance thus far, and if this is sustainable. Plus, what is Jason Heyward worth? Did ...Read More

The Sports Wire: David Lesky

David Lesky of Pine Tar Press joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss the Royals' big win over the Cardinals. Plus, is Eric Hosmer developing into a star? Should Chris Young be a staple in the rotation? And how ...Read More

The Big Show: Dan Buffa

Dan Buffa of KSDK and DoseOfBuffa.com joined BK on The Big Show to preview the upcoming St. Louis Cardinals vs. Kansas City Royals series. PODCAST: [audio mp3="http://www.ktgr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/052215DanBuffa.mp3"][/audio]